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Tarot Readings

28th February, 2008. 12:21 pm. Kyla D

General reading for Kyla D

The Tower - The Tower speaks of a situation that has been building for some time... Usually it reaches crisis point because you (or both parties) keep trying to deal with it in the same way. Without approaching the situation from a different angle or a different viewpoint, you are never going to solve it. With the suits that are prevalent in this spread - cups and pentacles - this is obviously to do with love and/or money. Basically The Tower is saying you need to rethink your attitude and your viewpoint on this issue, because otherwise this is going to be a reoccurring issue. Perhaps some of the other cards will shed some more light on what needs changing...

Six of Pentacles - This card shows that money is being shared. Actually, considering the circumstances and your question, I wouldn't be surprised if this card relates to the sharing of expenses, etc. This can be a good card, about knowing that others are happy to help out, and feeling good when you are in a position to help others too. Often though people have difficulty accepting generosity from others and given the Tower card we had previously, I wonder if this is the case. Perhaps you have had difficulties previously when it comes to sharing expenses? You need to be aware of how you approach any issues and try to consciously stop yourself from reacting out of habit...

Knight of Pentacles - The Knight of Pentacles is not an exciting card - on the one hand there are no nasty dramas, but on the other, life can be fairly boring. It's just regular day-to-day life... I guess it depends what you're looking for. If you're looking for stability, this card is perfect. If you're looking for a bit of adventure...nope.

Five of Cups - It won't be completely without its share of drama though, unfortunately... This card says that there will be an issue that arises where one of you feels betrayed by the other. This may not mean infidelity, so don't jump to any conclusions. Sometimes it is as simple as miscommunication or an honest mistake that inadvertently hurts those involved. Again, that Tower card we saw originally is a warning to step back and think carefully before reacting. Did they mean to hurt you? How would you normally react and why? Are you over-reacting? I'm not saying you have a tendency to over-react! The cards are just prompting you to be wary of reacting the same way to situations that might seem similar on the surface but underneath are quite different.

Temperance - The key to all of it is communication. Open, honest communication between the two of you. If you can keep that going the whole time, you'll be okay. With an equal, open flow of both information and emotion between you, you'll get past any issues that arise. And let's face it, what relationship doesn't have issues? They all do. We're human, we make mistakes. There is not a relationship in the world that doesn't have issues at one stage or another. So when you and your partner do have something to deal with, talk to each other. Temperance is all about keeping the channels between you open - both communication and emotion. Let each other know how you feel and what you think. Don't hide anything from each other.

Four of Wands - The Four of Wands is about seeing the results of your hard work and efforts. Given the previous few cards, I feel this is a good indication that if you can do these things and treat every situation as unique and most of all, keep that communication going, things will go well for you.

Seven of Cups - This card speaks of potential. There is a lot of potential in this relationship, but it won't come to reality on its own. You will both have to work hard to keep the relationship successful, but if you can do it, it will definitely be worth it.

Ace of Cups - Another similar card, showing that you have a lot of love to give, and you are so ready to settle down and embark on a long-term, permanent relationship. Yes, this can be that relationship. Just don't be too idealistic about it - if you expect and understand the lows as well as the highs, you can make this relationship the one you're wanting.

The Emperor - This is a great card for setting up home and family. The Emperor feels most comfortable when he's settled in a permanent place and not changing all the time. He doesn't do temporary well. Just be wary of being too strict with rules - The Emperor can be a little too rigid sometimes and needs to learn to be a little flexible. He's not good with confrontation either, and tends to be quite stubborn about seeing and doing things his way. Take the good from this card - feeling comfortable with the permanence of being settled down - and learn from the bad - the need to be flexible and able to compromise.

Ace of Swords - Life isn't just going to be a smooth easy road with this person. You see certain things differently and are going to disagree sometimes. But listen to each other, learn from each other and you might find that you both go away from the discussions with a slightly different way of looking at things. The Ace of Swords doesn't say that 'You're wrong, he's right!' It's not like that. It's about both of you bringing together your different viewpoints, clashing (well, that's inevitable) and both of you leaving with a new perspective on the issue.

Conclusion:- I wish I could say it was all sunshine and roses! Unfortunately it's not, and hey, there's no such thing as a perfect relationship. It sounds like this could be a learning curve for both of you. For you in particular, you need to be careful of judging a situation by what you can see on the surface. The cards definitely warn you to talk to him, think carefully and then deal with the issue using all the information you have. You will conflict on different issues, if only because you have different ways of looking at things. The cards do hold promise though, that this could be a great, long-term relationship with real potential, if you can both learn to communicate and get through those trying times we all (unfortunately!) have to deal with sometimes.
Good luck! I really hope things go well for you and your little girl. :)

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27th February, 2008. 2:20 pm. Brenda C

What Do I Do Next? Spread for Brenda C


1. A snapshot of what is happening now - King of Wands – There is change in your immediate environment and in your life. This is either very recent or just ahead of you. The King of Wands tells you that this is not happening by chance, this is an opportunity to reach a greater potential – you can do better.

2. How you feel about the futureThe Hanged Man – A sacrifice is necessary to move forwards. You see that the only realistic step left is to give up the security (and friends?) that you currently have, and take a leap of faith in the hope that something better will come your way.

3. The direction you need to go in - Ten of Pentacles – This card says that financial security is your top priority. There are also no Cups cards in this spread which makes the additional statement that this is not to be an emotional decision, but a practical one. You can’t afford to follow your heart – make a financial decision and make sure you are secure and stable at every point along the way.

4. Obstacles you might encounterAce of Pentacles – This card as an obstacles indicates that there are may be a lack of opportunities available and a lack of energy perhaps to go hunting them down. This may be what has you so stymied – if there was a clear abundance of choices, this wouldn’t even be an issue, would it? But because you are going to have to make a choice of ‘the lesser of two evils’ (without trying to be negative here!) this is certainly an obstacle. You are also tied down by the need to make finances your top priority as in the last card.

5. Who you should accept advice from - Ace of Swords – Oh, I see conflict between you two! This person tells the truth, straight up, no beating around the bush. And you might not always want to hear it, hence the conflict. This person looks at the situation with a clear unbiased perspective, even those times you may prefer a little bias your way! You should take their advice in this instance, especially as keeping emotion out of it may be difficult for you.

6. Who you should not accept advice fromThe Emperor – This is a strong person who is speaking from a position of authority above you. You may find them condescending or oppressive. The Emperor can be a great leader, but sometimes this personality type can get a little carried away with their power. Definitely a strong personality. This person won’t tend to make suggestions, but rather ‘lay down rules’ and expect that when they say ‘jump’, you ask ‘how high?’ Don’t follow their ‘rules’ in this instance. You will get much better advice from your Ace of Swords. At least from the Ace of Swords you know that there is no bias.

7, 8 & 9. A general assessment of what you should doPage of Wands, Four of Wands & Temperance – The Page of Wands is an indication that there is more happening that what is visible on the surface. See if you can talk to other people involved and find out any more information. Keep your ‘ear to the ground’ – gossip is in your favour in this instance, as you want to know what is happening that you are not being told.
The Four of Wands is about getting approval and appreciation for your work and your efforts. In this case, this is obviously not happening so this is something you should be looking for. While this spread has clearly stated that this is not an emotional issue, everyone needs to know that their efforts are appreciated. Whether you are able to pursue this in the current environment or whether you need to look further afield for this, I can’t say, but it is clear that this is important. The same goes for communication, which is the message from Temperance. You need clear, open, honest communication from both parties…and you are not currently getting that.

Conclusion:- Okay, let’s recap. There are a few major points to this spread.
1. Finances need to be your top priority. You need job security, and you can’t afford to take a significant pay reduction.
2. This is not to be an emotional decision. That’s not to say it won’t be upsetting or aggravating, or anything of that nature, because I’m sure it will. But you need to make your actions and decisions based on cold hard facts, not emotions.
3. There is a lot more going on than what you are seeing. No, I can’t say whether you are being deliberately lied to or mislead, but it is possible, especially with the Page of Wands in the spread. More importantly, there is important information which you just don’t have. It is hard to say though whether you can access that information or not. There is a suggestion in the spread that by talking to the right people you can uncover some more about the situation, but whether you will ever get the full details, I am unsure. Definitely something to be aware of though.
You can clearly see who you should be taking advice from, and from our discussion, I think it is equally clear who you should not be taking advice from. Times like these certainly separate friends from foes, don’t they?!
You clearly need communication, appreciation and job security. The question now is, how do you go about getting those? And that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?

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20th February, 2008. 11:47 am. Lynette D

What Do I Do Next? spread for Lynette D


1. A snapshot of what is happening now: The Empress - The Empress is a card of fruitfulness, of growth and harvest. However, she has difficulty dealing with change and loss, and would like life to continue smoothly on with no big surprises. She tells us that you are happy enough at the moment, and while life could maybe be better, it could also be much worse and you’re not sure you’re ready to cope with that.

2. How you feel about the future: Queen of Swords - This card shows that you can be a bit of a perfectionist at times – you want to do it right, or not at all. You might be feeling like everything is being taken out of your control and that it will be difficult for you to have as much impact on the final results as you would like. Will it reach your expectations? And what can you do to ensure that it does? Those are the questions you are asking yourself about the near future.

3. The direction you need to go in: Page of Cups - The Page of Cups is a great ‘new beginning’ card. Look in a new direction. Start small, start right and then build on that success. Cups are the emotional suit in Tarot and this is a very pleasant card. This is a time when new friendships and relationships (personal or business) would work well for you.

4. Obstacles you might encounter: Nine of Swords - Your own doubts and worries will be your biggest obstacle to overcome. That fear of failure, fear of not living up to your own expectations…that will be the hardest thing for you to overcome. There is no one standing in your way except for you.

5. Who you should accept advice from: The Chariot - The Chariot speaks of someone who has experience and success, but who has travelled a long, hard road to get there. No easy road for this guy. He is strong, competitive and what I would call ‘rough and tumble’. He’s not your stereotypical suave businessman, he’s a down-to-earth type who has fought his way from the bottom up. Listen to his advice.

6. Who you should not accept advice from: Five of Swords - This person isn’t really the sort of person to dirty their hands. They want all the glory for none of the hard work. I could easily see this person as a whiner or complainer. Why do I have to do that? Surely there’s an easier way? Aren’t there machines that can do that? Why can’t we pay someone to do that? Perhaps this could also be someone who is all theory, no practice. You definitely want to avoid this person and look for someone with real experience, real dirt under their fingernails.

7, 8 & 9. A general assessment of what you should do: Five of Pentacles, Ten of Pentacles & Ace of Pentacles - These cards all have something in common – money. The Pentacles are the financial suit. The Five of Pentacles is another card showing your fear of failure and of financial loss. That is your biggest worry at the moment and it is coming through quite clearly in this spread. To ease your mind, however, the Ten of Pentacles signifies financial security and the establishment of something permanent and tangible. It is a great financial card, speaking not just of material success, but of solid financial security for your family. The Ace of Pentacles talks of a new project that will bring money to you and shows that there is energy and resources available now for this new project, so this is a good time for starting something new.

We also pulled an additional card to see if it could help bring those last three cards together a bit more…
Ace of Wands - Another Ace, this one shows that you are dissatisfied with your current situation and are ready to push the boundaries. You are ready to try something new, something you haven’t done before. Challenge yourself. As with all Aces, this one brings energy to this new project. Go for it.

Conclusion:- The time is right, the resources are available, but your fear of failure and finishing with less than what you started with is holding you back. Take advice from someone who has been there, done that, then dive in head first!
Ask yourself this question: will you regret giving it a shot, or will you more regret if you don’t at least try?

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19th February, 2008. 1:39 pm. Madeline G

Knights at the Round Table spread for Madeline G.

It looked roughly like this. I found it hard to do a circle with seven people in it, but this is roughly what it looked like:


Each card represents a person.
I’ve sent this to you separately identifying the individuals we expected to see, but I’ll refer to them here as B1, B2, E1, F1, W1, W2, and Y1 so that others reading this don’t know names.

The cards were dealt around the table with no conscious thought as to who would sit where. The places they ‘chose to sit’ told us something of their feelings towards. Remember too that we may have ended up with some people other than who we were expecting to see.

So there is one card representing each person, and then after those cards had been read, I dealt another card for each person at the table, in a random order. Those cards should help us shed some more light on their relationship/feelings towards you.

Here goes.

#1 – The Tower – Troubled times that had to end. Unfortunately this relationship was based in lust, not love. On one side, at least. The relationship wasn’t good for you - you were trying to be someone you’re not, trying to hide your ‘shameful secrets’. There is a hero out there somewhere for you, but this person wasn’t it. This person wanted you…but wanted you to change to fit their idea of what was acceptable.
This sounds like B1 or B2. It could also be Y1 though, particularly with that fear of being yourself, of showing the ‘real you’. If this is Y1, you need to look at the message of The Tower, with it telling you strongly that this situation has to end, even if it ends messily.

#2 – Six of Swords - Understanding and acceptance. I believe this is F1 or perhaps a friend we didn’t expect to see. There are no negative connotations in this card – just support and acceptance. It could be B1, but I believe the feeling from the card is too simple. I strongly think F1.

#3 - Ace of Cups - My instinct is to say that this is Y1. Complicated, feminine, passionate and strong. In many ways, too strong for her own good – she can scare people away. There are a lot of emotions bubbling under the surface that most people never get to see. She hides under her shell or her disguise, because she’s afraid of being hurt, but she wants a relationship, friendship and love.

#4 - Knight of Pentacles - I actually wondered if this was someone we weren’t expecting to see… He is a fairly ordinary, everyday kind of guy. He’s not your hero, but a friend. Maybe a lover? There are no strong emotions here, so I didn’t think it was B1 or B2. Well, it might be B2, you’ll have to let me know what you think.

#5 - Ace of Swords - A strong woman, but can be quite judgemental. Do things her way, or not at all. She is not what I picture as a warm, loving type – she holds people at a distance and doesn’t cope very well with soppy emotional scenes.
She has set ideas on things and if you cross her you’ll get some hard truths thrown at you. She won’t soften her words for you.
She doesn’t hate you. I really don’t think she does. She just wants you to do things the way she wants, and she won’t change her views. I felt that this was W1.

#6 - Page of Wands - This person isn’t comfortable with the situation. She feels like she has been pulled in over her head. She plays the messenger? I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the ‘So-and-so said this about you....’ type. She puts herself in the line of fire without meaning to. She isn’t a bad person, but is surrounded by negativity and narrow-mindedness and this is influencing her. I’m sure this is W2. You see her as immature.

#7 - Five of Wands - Ha ha ha! Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh, but the image of a dragon on the card is so apt. You see this person as a dragon that you have to slay. This person doesn’t believe you can be anything – she sees you as almost lower class – like you’re not worth her time. This attitude comes from her own inability to achieve success – she’s trying to make herself feel better by pulling you down. You have a friend somewhere you can help you believe in yourself – without that friend, you’ll find it hard to overcome the negativity you get from this person. She depresses you. Beat her with facts. Not emotion, not determination, just cold hard facts. I feel this is E1.

Looking again at the seating arrangements then…


It seems to me like you have F1 and B2 on either side of Y1, giving Y1 their support. E1 and W2 are sitting opposite Y1 in a stand against her, but I’m not certain that W2 really wants to be there. In honesty, I feel like she’s been outwitted – everyone else chose their seats and she was left to sit there. She’s very wary of going toe-to-toe with Y1 and would feel more comfortable off to the side. On the other hand, E1 is quite happy to go toe-to-toe with Y1 – she’s not hiding her aggression at all.
W1 and B1 have both chosen strategic positions, one on either side. They are both very clever, manipulative people. Neither are showing their true feelings, they’re both ‘playing the game’. They are neither for nor against…but don’t misunderstand that. It’s not that they are indifferent, or minor players, just that they refuse to reveal what they really think and where their loyalties lie. Don’t trust or depend on either of them.

Okay, so with that in mind, let’s see what the further cards reveal for each person.

B1 - The Lovers - Look carefully at your choices and your reasons for making them. Also look carefully at your feelings. What is it about him that you love? What is it about him that you hate? How do you really feel about him? How has he behaved towards you and vice versa? It is time for you to view him without the rose tinted glasses on.
This cards also warns of consequences to any actions/decisions you may make. Together, The Tower and The Lovers tell a tale of an ill-fated romance – bad choices, disastrous consequences, but it was necessary to allow you to be free to move on.

F1 – Nine of Cups - You may have had issues with her in the past, but you’ve moved past that now. She may not understand all your decisions and you may argue sometimes, but she loves you and she just wants you to be happy.

Y1 - Four of Pentacles - The Four of Pentacles speaks of a fear of failure, a fear of losing what little is left. But without taking the risk, there is no way to move forward. This person needs to take a leap of faith and just hope for the best, basically. Because otherwise things will just keep stagnating and issues like this will keep arising.

B2 - King of Pentacles - He’s not really the sensitive emotional type. I think that is why we don’t sense any strong emotions from him. He’s quite happy to be your friend or your lover, but he’s not committed. If disaster strikes, he’s out of there. He likes his creature comforts and if those are not forthcoming, he won’t hang around. I hesitate to say he’s using you, but I do think there is an element of that to it. You might as well use him in return for whatever he gives you – friendship, company, whatever. But don’t depend on him or give him your heart because ultimately he’ll disappoint you.

W1 - Two of Wands - I feel that this card is telling you to start over. And I don’t think it means that in a relationship sense. I don’t think you can start this relationship over, as such, but focus on something else for a while. The Two of Wands is a great card for study or a new project, or a new beginning. Start over. Try something new. And you may find you win her approval without even wanting to – while you’re out doing something for you, something that has nothing to do with her… I don’t know if you’ll ever be able to fit her idea of what you should be like, and I don’t know that you should try. But if you can try to remove yourself from focusing on your failures and just refocus on a new project, this situation may sort itself out all on its own.

W2 – The Emperor – This is an interesting card for this person. She needs to cut the apron strings and move out in to the big wide world on her own. She needs to learn to make her own opinions and trust in them. She wants to achieve something and be someone, and I feel that this may be because she has is also connected to W1 and those tough expectations. The Emperor is usually a card about the figure of authority – being in charge of his own family, his own business, with a solid knowledge of himself and who he is and where he’s come from. And I think that is where W2 really wants to be – mature and strong and capable and successful. And quite possibly, where you want to be too. Because you both feel like you’re treated like children, even by each other. I do wonder if this relationship just needs you both to take a step back and start over. Treat each other as adults, because that’s how you both want to be treated but neither of you are prepared to take the first step.

E1 - Four of Wands - You can achieve something, you can be somebody, you can do it. But you will never hear it from her. This card is a real card of encouragement – YOU CAN DO IT! Don’t look to her for approval – just believe in yourself that you can do it, and go out there and give it a shot. Stop worrying about what people might think or say. Do it for you.

This is a really interesting spread.
Some points to conclude with:
F1 is possibly the only person at the table you can really trust.
Y1, B1 and W1 are all hiding their ‘real selves’ under a disguise of sorts. You can’t trust any of them at face value.
You just need to let go of any connection to E1. There is no value to that relationship. Move onwards and upwards. Don’t believe a word she says, especially when it is said just to belittle you.
W2 – the relationship is definitely salvageable, but it’ll be tough for either of you to take the first step. If W1 wasn’t influencing the relationship, things would be a lot smoother. Is there anyway to spend some time together without that influence? Maybe it’ll take a long time, but there is definitely potential for things to recover.
B2 – I wouldn’t say this is the most valuable relationship you’ve got. But if you understand where both parties stand, you can definitely maintain the friendship that is there. Don’t trust him, don’t depend on him, but I don’t sense anything malicious or mean about him. Just accept the companionship he can give you, if you need it, and let it just be that simple. Don’t make it in to more than it can be.
Overall, it is definitely time for you to take a good long look at some of the people in your life and try to view them all without bias – good or bad. Actions speak louder than words. Ignore what people are saying, and what are you left with? Which people really truly stand by you when you need them most and which just tell you what you want to hear? Which ones spit and growl at you, but when push comes to shove they’re there for you?

I hope that has helped in some small way to shed light on a few things. If I can be of any more help, please let me know.

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25th January, 2008. 3:04 pm. Brenda C

I Love Them All spread for Brenda C

The child in you: Nine of Swords – Children are allowed to be afraid. They can be afraid of monsters under the bed, of meeting new people, of change, of uncertainty… We accept this fear in children, yet we expect adults to be brave and unafraid all the time. It’s not acceptable for adults to be afraid. Or so society would have us believe. This card tells you that it IS okay to be afraid. Just as you would love and protect a child, accepting their fears as natural and helping them to deal with the things that scare them, so you should accept your own fears and anxieties as natural and take the steps you need to take to deal with them. It is natural, it is normal and it is acceptable. This is the child in you.

The angel in you: The Chariot – This is a fascinating card. It is about strength, courage and control and about harnessing emotions. In regards to angels, it reminds me of stories of the strong, powerful archangels. However, there is a definite message from this card that by harnessing this strength and taking control, you bring about harmony. I believe this is true for both your own emotions and the effect you bring on others. You are a mediator and by bringing control to over-wrought situations, you bring harmony. Learn to appreciate this side of yourself, as others do, and I hope the harmony will become more tangible to you.

The devil in you: The Moon – Ah, the ‘dark’ side of the force! He he… You are in to magic, superstition and fate. Unfortunately this can make you feel out of control, like you are fighting against unseen forces or your own destiny and that the struggle to take control is futile. This is the devil in you, because it brings about the fear and anxiety you are struggling with. You need to accept and understand this side of you so that you can take control and feel more at ease with the changes and challenges that come your way.

The nameless person in you: The Emperor – Aw, this is the Brenda we all know and love. Funny that this comes up under ‘the nameless person in you’. Maybe it’s that we see these qualities in you, but you don’t see them. You are protective and loyal, loving but with a heck of a temper if you get riled up, especially in defence of a loved one or those who are unable to defend themselves. You want to be remembered, you want to leave your mark on the world. You are passionate and dedicated, and you value friendship very highly.

The feminine person in you: Four of Wands – You have a lot of support, and work well in a team. You are social and fun to be with. You enjoy celebrating and sharing in others’ hopes and joys.

The masculine person in you: Three of Wands – You are creative, and good at planning and preparation. You are good at laying the foundations but not so great at the follow-through and finishing what you start. Learn to appreciate the skills you have, such as the creative side of yourself, the skills at planning and preparation, and acknowledge and work on the ones you struggle with, such as follow-through. Very few projects come to completion on the back of just one person – there are the ‘ideas’ people, the ‘planners’, the ‘behind the scenes workers’ and those that can take control or be ‘front of stage’. Recognise that none of us are perfect and we all have strengths and weaknesses, and those strengths and weaknesses help us play our particular roles.

The special person in you: The Hanged Man – You are the ‘Pay It Forward’ type – you think of everyone else before yourself and are willing to make sacrifices for other people or ‘the greater good’.

The insignificant person in you: Three of Pentacles – As far as insignificancy goes, you are never going to be ‘the big kahuna’ in the office. You are hardworking and reasonably successful, but money and power are not among the goals that you strive for.

The mature person in you: Six of Pentacles – You are generous and kind. The Six of Pentacles is about having faith in life and in yourself and tells us that it is from this faith that your generosity and kindness comes. If you’ve heard of ‘the Toddler’s Manifesto’, where ‘if it is mine it is mine, if it is yours it is mine, if I see it and want it, it is mine’ you’ll understand why this is ‘the mature person in you’!

Conclusion:- This spread is about loving all the different parts of yourself. It’s supposed to read, ‘I love them all... the child, the angel, the devil, the nameless, the feminine, the masculine, the special, the insignificant and the mature in me.’ I see many of these traits in you, especially the kindness, the loyalty and the fun side of you. I also see the fear and uncertainty, and the temper doesn’t surprise me at all! I suspect you don’t see the same person we do, that you have a different view of yourself, so I hope this helps you to understand why we see you the way we do. In particular I feel that the support and friendship is a new discovery for you. Trust me, it’s there.

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9th November, 2007. 8:57 pm. Kandi P

Twelve Month Spread for Kandi P

November 2007: Nine of Cups - November is a month of relationships. You may find yourself witnessing a lot of romance and 'togetherness'. I would not be at all surprised to find you at a friend's wedding or a close friend of yours falling in love. It's a time to be thinking about those who are close to you and a time for romance and relationships.

December 2007: Eight of Cups - You are feeling alone and left out. You mentioned that your family have moved away - December and Christmas are lonely times to be away from family, so it doesn't surprise me to find you feeling a little down this month. In as far as November was a good month for romance, December is not a good month for romance and relationships. Don't make any crucial relationship decisions this month.

January 2008: The World - This month you are back 'on top of the world' and feeling like you can achieve anything. A great month for plans, decisions and success. Great for work or business. Work hard and get stuff done this month.

February 2008: Five of Swords - You have a difficult decision to make in February and I don't envy you, it will be a tough choice. You will probably feel like there is no right answer - it seems to be a lose-lose situation. Don't let people push you or intimidate you in to making a quick decision. Take your time and be sure of your choice.

March 2008: Queen of Cups - The Queen of Cups is a woman who is close to you. This month you are thinking about her or spending time with her. She has influence over you. Possibly this is your mother or someone who takes a maternal interest in you. I definitely feel like you are thinking about her...

April 2008: Six of Wands - You did it! This is a card of achievement where people are applauding your success. This is usually a sign of triumphing over your obstacles and seeing the benefits of your struggles to achieve.

May 2008: Ten of Pentacles - This is a card of happy families, a strong connection to home and hearth and feeling well pleased with your home life. This is a great month for settling down.

June 2008: Judgment - This is a card that sort of sends the warning "You will read what you sow". That's not always a bad thing - you have already seen cards that show you receiving the benefits of your hard labour. However, this card is a reminder that life works the other way too - if you don't put in the work, you won't see the benefits...and also what goes around, comes around. So I'm not saying anything bad happens in June...just that June will be what you make of it - how you have acted in the months leading up to June will affect the sort of month you have.

July 2008: Four of Cups - Be wary of friends who do not have your best interests at heart. Some people love to gossip, love to meddle and love to cause chaos with their words. Be very careful what you listen to and whom you believe. This is a month definitely to be wary of what people say.

August 2008: Queen of Pentacles - Money and a woman. This could be a work related issue...perhaps a job offer. There is definitely a woman involved. Perhaps a female boss? Possibly a woman who puts you in a position that is good for you financially? The two are definitely connected, the money and the woman...
[Edit: Now that you've mentioned that you are a woman yourself, I should add that this card could simply represent you. Either way, it should be a good month for finances.]

September 2008: The Chariot - You have a long road to travel and some tough lessons to learn...do not be afraid of either of these. This month and the things that lead to it and that come after will be learning processes for you and will help you to mature and grow as a person. Yup, you know that saying - what doesn't kill me makes me stronger? That's September and probably a while afterwards too. But I swear, there is a reason for it. It's one of those things you'll look back on later and think 'I learned a valuable lesson there'. I know, no one wants to learn valuable life lessons the hard way, but sometimes that's just how life works.

October 2008: Four of Wands - I sense travel and a farewell. It could be a longish trip, and I think it will be without your family. It isn't necessarily a permanent separation, but it is some time before you return. It feels like you may move away to live somewhere else. This is undoubtedly connected to the same issues from last month - the life lessons you are learning.

Conclusion:- You wanted to know when you moved back to be with your family, and were speculating on April or June. I definitely see it as being April. There is a sense of accomplishment and achievement in April, then a settling down period in May that has a very strong family feel to it. So yes, definitely April according to the cards. Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any questions, and of course, I'm always curious to find out what really does happen, so feel free to drop me a line any time over the next twelve months and let me know how it goes.

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14th September, 2007. 10:16 pm. Andrea M

Celtic Cross for Andrea M

The Significator: The Tower – It's not going how you want. But there's a reason for that.

The Crossing Card: Six of Wands – It has something do with work, with financial success.

The Crowning Card: Queen of Cups – You're feeling feminine and powerful. You enjoy being wanted and he makes you feel sexy.

The Base of the Matter: Five of Swords – You're feeling like there's only so much you can do, and maybe this is too much right now for you (or him) to cope with.

Past Influences: The World – Success and feeling like you're 'on top of the world'. Everything was going right.

Forthcoming Influences: Eight of Cups – The end of the relationship. Walking away. Feeling sad.

Where One Finds Oneself: Nine of Cups – You're happy with how it is. Satisfied. You don't want things to change.

The Views of Others: Six of Cups – He's happy with the relationship but sees so much potential for the future. He needs to do this.

Hopes and Fears: The Wheel of Fortune – You fear that every time something good happens, something bad will happen to ruin it all. But of course, every time something bad happens, you hope/know that something good is round the corner. A vicious cycle, really.

The Final Outcome: Three of Pentacles – Work/money comes first. He'll do what he needs to do in order to succeed in his chosen field. Unfortunately for you, I think that means it will be difficult to maintain a relationship. It's possible, but it will be damn hard work.

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11th January, 2007. 7:47 am. Kate

The Question Game spread for Kate

My situation/problem: Five of Cups – There has been money lost. The impression I get is that it has been wasted or effectively ‘tipped down the drain’. There is possibly a partner or ex-partner involved. You’ve had your mind on other things and weren’t able to prevent the loss until it was too late. It seems that you might be losing sleep over this issue.

How it happened: Wheel of Fortune – It was meant to happen for a reason. The Wheel turns and takes us up to victory and down to disaster in various cycles. All of tarot is about cycles. This is just another step within that cycle. There are better times ahead.

The way I feel today: The Sun – You have a positive outlook on the world. You are not easily depressed or beaten down. Possibly you still have a love interest you are focussing on? Not sure on that one. Definitely this will not beat you. You will overcome this situation. You are determined not to give up and let this get the better of you.

This is what I’m afraid of: Two of Cups – You’re afraid of feeling trapped by the situation. You don’t like to be reliant on others for help. You are afraid this is not something you can easily fix.

This is what will happen in the future: Knight of Wands – You will fight back. You will triumph. You need to deal with the cause as well as the symptoms though. It’s not just about replacing the money but preventing it from happening again. You will have help from someone else in fighting this battle.

This is the warning the cards are sending: Page of Swords – Be wary of what you say to others – it’s not about keeping your own counsel but what you say could come back to hurt you. Just be careful who you talk to and what you say.
You will need to think ‘outside the box’ for solutions. Be creative.
Be careful about celebrating your triumph prematurely. Wait until it is fully resolved before you relax.

This is the suggestion the cards are sending: Six of Wands – You will overcome this, but you will need support. Let others help you. Don’t consider asking for help as a weakness. I don’t see this being resolved without the assistance of at least one other person.

Conclusion:- Don’t despair. You definitely overcome this situation. You will solve the issue and move on to better times. BUT you need to let people help you. If there is a third party involved in the loss, be wary of talking about them to others. But be sure that you don’t leave yourself open to being in this situation again. More than anything else, I get the impression that you need to let people help you – I feel you are resisting that, but it feels necessary in this case. Hope that helps!

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27th December, 2006. 3:53 pm. Lezli S

Cycle of the Year Spread for Lezli S

King of Wands – 2007 for you is all about finding yourself. The King of Wands heralds a lot of change, growth and self-improvement. You are restless and this year is a good time to take charge and make things happen.
Seven of Cups – It appears that there is a lot of emotional potential in 2007 but not much in the way of definitive results. I don’t think that relationships are really a focus for you this year. I do get the impression that you meet a lot of interesting new people, but I don’t see any new long-term commitments.

Four of Cups – This card heralds some financial issues for you this year. These are linked to a friend or a friendship and it will hit you hard. I think that the troubled friendship hurts you more than the financial loss.
Five of Pentacles – 2007 will not be a good year for money. The Five of Pentacles suggests that you need to sit down and revaluate. Why did it happen? What could you have done differently? What’s the best way to go forward from here? Again, your finances affect your emotions and I think that you are disappointed in yourself as well as your friend. But take the lesson, learn it and then move on – don’t dwell on this too much or let it stop you from enjoying the rest of the year.

Queen of Swords – This position was supposed to represent your local environment and your family but specifically your siblings. However, the Queen of Swords is a strong, mature woman, and I get the impression she’s not your sibling. Perhaps your mother or an older woman in your family? Perhaps she is representative of some generic attitudes you are dealing with from your family at the moment... She is demanding and has high ideals. She tends to be quite controlling and definitely believes that she knows best. She is disappointed in you and that sense of letting her down (letting the family down?) is holding you back from making the most of everything that is before you. You want to go out and experience life and do your own thing and discover your own path, but deep down you feel guilty about not doing what was expected of you.
Ten of Pentacles – This card is almost a complete contrast to the previous card. The Ten of Pentacles speaks of security, of something being passed on down through the family. I feel there are two possibilities for this card – either the disappointment of the Queen of Swords is related to a family matter, about something that they believe is passed from parent to child, an inheritance or a family tradition of sorts...or it is telling you that despite the conflict you are having with the Queen of Swords, your family will always be there for you, no matter what, because you are a part of the family and always will be. Or, hey, it could be both of those.

Knight of Pentacles – This card represents your father or a father-figure in your life. He is hardworking, reliable and humble. A man who lives a very ordinary life, doing everyday things. He is not exciting or adventurous, but he is constant, reliable and reassuringly normal. He is calm and dependable and you know he’ll be there if you need him.
Ten of Swords – There has been a difficult situation that has created a lot of conflict around you. Perhaps with the Knight of Pentacles or in some way involving him. Perhaps he has helped you to resolve it? Either way, the Ten of Swords indicates that the situation has come to an end – if you haven’t seen that yet, it should definitely show up in 2007...sooner rather than later I think. You get to start anew with fewer conflicts, which should make life a lot easier for you.

Four of Swords – We saw in the first card of this spread that 2007 was all about finding yourself, plotting your own path and doing things your way. The Four of Swords is a card of contemplation, of time out. Don’t overfill your calendar with activities. Everyone needs down time, time to just be themselves, to relax and to just think things through. This card is reminding you to take that time and not to overdo things this year – you need to take some time for simple quiet relaxation and contemplation.
The Tower – While you’re having that quiet time mentioned in the Four of Swords, the Tower tells us that you will be rediscovering your true self. That’s a real theme for 2007 isn’t it? The Tower is about changing your attitudes, seeing where you’ve been going wrong, seeing why things happened the way they did, seeing what you should be doing now and seeing what your role is. It’s all about discovering who you are and where you’re going and why. For a lot of people, that realisation comes when everything falls down around their ears and they are forced to acknowledge that they can’t keep going the way they have been. I think that the difficult situation you’ve been involved in and some of the other things glimpsed in this spread already show that you’ve already been through that part. You’re now at the part of this card where you need to see WHY things happened that way, and where and how you’re going from here.

Eight of Wands – In regards to work and health, the Eight of Wands brings action, travel and an end to some tensions. You asked if you were going to be in the same position for a while longer. I can’t give you a particular time frame, but I definitely see change. Some things will be resolved and then everything will start to happen. The travel and the change of environment MIGHT indicate a new job, but this card doesn’t specifically say a new job, just that there are changes and travel. :)
Eight of Swords – This card shows a situation where you’ve been afraid to make a move. Perhaps you’re worried about making the situation worse, or hurting someone in the process? The Eight of Swords says you need to look at the situation honestly, again see where you’ve contributed and what you could have done differently, then more importantly what you should do now... and stop procrastinating! You’ve been avoiding the issue, maybe with the best of intentions, but now it is time to act and resolve it all. I assume this situation is at work, so perhaps there is your answer – YOU need to make the changes, resolve the tension, then everything will flow on from there.

Two of Wands – You will be setting a new goal or heading down a new path in 2007. Life and the way you approach it will be quite different. This is a good card for studying or starting new projects. However, you need to have faith in your choice. Starting something new is often difficult, sometimes it’s easier to just keep plodding along, but if you believe you can do it, you will succeed.
Page of Cups – I see a new relationship for you. Perhaps a friendship more than a romance. This person brings healing for you. They will help you to trust again.

The Fool – Again with the whole ‘new path’ and ‘finding yourself’ theme. :) The Fool is about making a fresh start, journeying in to the unknown...and especially about potential. This is really a new beginning for you, a chance to start over and rediscover yourself.
King of Cups – You are wary of being hurt. But this card says you can’t hold yourself back. You have to throw yourself in to life and all your experiences, otherwise you’re the one who misses out. Don’t let fear become regret. Take a risk. :)

The Emperor – This card has a special message for you. This position in the spread is about travel and education, and the Emperor is talking about an informal sort of education – the school of life you might call it. I definitely got the impression from this card that you were learning to be self-sufficient and independent. That you were learning to cope on your own and taking control. The Emperor isn’t a ‘go with the flow’ type of guy – he takes control and makes decisions for himself. That’s what he’s passing on to you – self sufficiency, independence, and control over your own choices and your own path.
Five of Swords – However, along with the empowering nature of the Emperor, the Five of Swords is reminding you to remember your own limits. It’s something of a gentle reminder that it’s okay to ask for help, that everyone has their limits and don’t overdo it.

Justice – This card is in a similar position and with a similar message to the Queen of Swords that we saw earlier. In this position, this is definitely your mother or a mother-figure. An older woman in the family. A perfectionist. And she’s not afraid to speak her mind, even if the truth hurts. She can be demanding and difficult to love. This position is also ‘social influences’ so you might feel like everyone is expecting too much from you, or wanting you to do things that don’t fit with your own plans.
High Priestess – This card talks of fate, destiny, intuition and your purpose in life. It’s about doing what you believe is right, going where you feel you are led to go. In some ways, it’s the antithesis of the family expectations if you believe your destiny lies elsewhere.

Eight of Pentacles – Your hopes and plans for 2007 are filled with enthusiasm. There are new skills, maybe a new job and over all of it, a lot of learning. It’s not going to be a free ride or even an easy year, but it is a step closer to where you want to be. You will learn a lot of the skills you need to take you forward, take you where you want to go.
Six of Cups – There is a sense of coming to terms with the past. Learning to look back and remember the good things, learn from the bad things and then move on. Often, when we leave a difficult situation, it can take a long time before we look back with anything other than bitterness, resentment or ‘thank goodness that’s over!’ So this year you will learn to look back at the good times and just learn from the bad times and then leave them behind.

Judgement – This position is all about ‘struggles and secrets’. And the Judgement card is about being true to yourself, doing what YOU believe is true and right. Judgement says that you shall reap what you sow – if you do good, you’ll get good, if you do bad, you’ll get bad. A lot like the basic concept of karma. So if you stay true to yourself and know that in your heart you’ve done what you’ve believed to be right, you’ll do okay. Don’t let someone else talk you in to going against that because it’ll come back and bite you in the butt.
Two of Pentacles – This year isn’t about playing it safe – it’s about getting out there, learning, making mistakes, trying new things and living life to the full. Don’t get too caught up in protecting yourself and your money – have fun, try new things and enjoy.

Conclusion:- For you, 2007 is all about finding yourself. It’s about getting out there and trying new things, experiencing life and getting away from the safe, boring and dull stuff. There is a difficult situation that has come/is coming to an end and it will probably take you some time to get over that, but it looks like by the end of the year at least, you’ll be able to take the lessons from the bad stuff and leave just the good memories. Not entirely, of course, but it’s a good move towards that.
There are some financial difficulties, and they appear to be linked to a friend of yours. That will be a bit upsetting for you, but don’t stress too much. This is not a year for saving and playing it safe.
I do think there is a new job or a significant change in your work environment. I can’t say exactly when it happens, but it is you that has to instigate the changes. Take the bull by the horns and just do it! It might not be easy and it might not go smoothly, but it is the right thing to do in the end.
Overall, this year is very much about YOU. It’s about doing what you want, when you want it, for your own reasons. It’s about breaking free of other people’s expectations and doing things for yourself. Have fun!

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28th November, 2006. 1:29 pm. Kelly W

Wedding Spread for Kelly W

Your hopes and fears concerning this occasion: The Tower – The Tower represents your fear that everything will come crashing down around you. You are aiming high and you have very high hopes for the wedding, but you worry that something will go wrong to ruin it all.

Something great you will always remember about this occasion: Ten of Pentacles - The Ten of Pentacles really suggests a feeling of peace and satisfaction. You will have good memories of your wedding. The wedding will leave you with a sense of permanence and security – which is exactly what we would hope for from a wedding. :)

Something not-so-great that you will always remember about this occasion: Six of Pentacles – This isn’t a negative card, but it does suggest that perhaps the ‘not so great’ memories you will have of the wedding are in regards to finances. Weddings are expensive and we all know it, so if this is the only bad memory you take away, I must congratulate you!

How you will feel about this event in hindsight: Two of Cups – This card shows a new level in your relationship. The Two of Cups often signifies a contractual agreement, which is very appropriate for your wedding, but more than that, it is about starting the next stage together.

Your Prince Charming: Page of Wands – He’s not the kind of person who likes to be in the spotlight – he’s more used to working behind the scenes. He might be a bit uncomfortable being the centre of attention on the day. He can be quite restless and probably likes a lot of variety in his work and hobbies. Be careful of criticising the Page of Wands – they can have fragile egos. It is common with the Page of Wands that they have a lot of ideas and creative leanings but don’t have enough belief in themselves to follow through. He's probably held himself back from contributing much to the wedding arrangements. If you can encourage to share his ideas and help him action them, you might be surprised at what he can come up with.

How you really feel about him: Nine of Cups – This is a fantastic card for a couple who are getting married. This card shows love, commitment and that your Page of Wands really is everything you wanted. This card would definitely suggest that you’re doing the right thing, with the right person.

How you will feel about your attire: Seven of Cups – Brides are usually quite emotional about their appearance and I don’t think you’ll be any different to the norm. The Seven of Cups is all about emotional potential, and I think if you are truly happy, your whole appearance will reflect that. I guess, effectively, it’s your choice – to be happy with how you look or to nitpick at every little detail. But given the rest of the spread, I do believe that you will be happy and everyone will see that. And when you look at the photos later, that happiness is what you will focus on.

How you will feel about the other attendees: Knight of Swords – There could be a bit of chaos amongst the other attendees. Hopefully not too much though! The Knight of Swords suggests there could be some last-minute changes, some minor arguments and you might feel a little like you’re not in control anymore. The key with this card is flexibility. If you can be flexible and try not to stress, it will all work out. These are short-term effects – the chaos, the arguments, they are minor and won’t last long. If you can just ‘go with the flow’ you’ll find that they won’t really affect the overall day very much at all. If you stress and get all worked up about it, that will overflow on to everything else. So the message here is – stay calm, be flexible and go with the flow! And really, has there been a wedding ever, where there hasn’t been some sort of guest-related issue?

General overview of the event: Knight of Cups – The Knight of Cups is a true romance card. Your wedding is all about love, commitment, romance...and that one day where you are the most important, the most beautiful and the most envied woman. The Knight of Cups will bring all of that for you on the day. Don’t worry – it’s going to be perfect.

General overview of the after-event: Four of Swords – The Four of Swords is all about taking time out. The ‘after event’ is a quiet, peaceful time for you and Blair. As it should be. :) Just time alone together, relaxing and recuperating. Sounds wonderful!

Conclusion:- The cards are pretty clear, but nonetheless, let’s recap:
Your biggest fear is that something major will go wrong and everything will just turn to custard. Understandable, but I see nothing in the cards to indicate that will happen. If anything, the opposite is true.
Everything about the cards in this spread shows that you are making the right decision, with the right man, and that the whole day will go perfectly. The only minor glitches (other than the whole ‘weddings are expensive’ thing which is only to be expected!) are minor last minute changes. And the message from the cards regarding these issues is definitely to relax, go with the flow, and don’t let it bother you. If you can just shrug it off and not let it bother you, it will be over with quickly. It did not come up as one of the things that really stood out in your memories, so don’t worry about it. The important thing is that you enjoy yourself and I believe that if you can relax and let the minor details take care of themselves, you’ll have a fantastic day. I can’t see any major issues that need worrying about. Have a lovely day!

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